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Happy Holidays

20 Dec

Hey, everybody. Wish you all a wonderful holiday season. Be safe, be happy, and be healthy.


She is gone…

2 Nov

I lost a dear friend to the battle of cancer. Her name was Qing Yue. She was too young (49-year-old) and too beautiful to leave this world. She did put up a tough fight for four months. She was very much loved. Hundreds of people attended her memorial service. Here is a PowerPoint slideshow I created that was playing through the whole service. You can see her beautiful smiles and you can almost hear her happy laughter, too. She will be missed.

(See the slideshow under Media)

How to offer support to your cancer-struggling friend?

12 Oct

I just went to visit my best girl-friend last night. She is in the hospital for physical and speech therapy caused by stroke. She has stage-4 cervix cancer, already finished her chemo and radiation treatment. I believe her mind is clear even she won’t talk. She seems to have a lot of anger. Anybody has any idea about how to offer some kind support for her to fight with the cancer? She won’t talk, won’t eat, very weak, I am afraid she is giving up but she should not, because she has three kids, the youngest one is only 10-year old. I know I should not be judgmental but it hurts so much to watch her going away slowly. What shall I do?

Get-Together with classmates in DC

9 Aug

We are in front of

I took a trip to DC in July to meet some of my old schoolmates I hadn’t seen over 30 years. We had such a wonderful time together. The best part was sharing stories and memories about our life in college as students. Some of the stories were funny, some were sad, and some were scary. I put a photo show together and saved as a video in MP4 format. Hope you’ll enjoy.

Oops! Have trouble to upload the video. I have to upgrade the space. You all just have wait till I have the money to do so.

9 Aug

This is my first blog. It’s created for a testing purpose. I am new to blogging. Any tips and tricks are welcome.

Hello world!

9 Aug

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